Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taku Satoh

Inspired by the four posters of freedoms drawn by Norman Rockwell, I have added
the most important kind of freedom for the present time.
That is “Freedom to Imagine.” Nothing should prevent imagination.
Imagination creates the future. Imagination cultivates technology.
Imagination saves the environment. Imagination protects human rights.
Imagination prevents battles. Imagination creates art.
Everything begins with imagination.
Of course it is imagination for coexistence of different cultures, not a selfish imagination.

Taku Satoh is a Tokyo-based graphic and product designer, and the director of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo. He attended Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music for both undergraduate and graduate school and then joined the firm Dentsu...before establishing the Taku Satoh Design Office in 1984. He has created graphic designs for many clients including Nikka Pure Malt; Lotte XYLITOL Gum; EIJI Dairies’ Oishii Gyunyu; the National Science Museum, Tokyo; and NTT DoCoMo P701iD and P702iD cellular phones. Among other projects, he was involved in the planning and art direction for the television program Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play in Japanese) on NHK educational channel.

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