Tuesday, June 10, 2008

George Mill

FREEDOM: Certain Restrictions Apply

Inspiration for this project was a series of posters the "Four Freedoms" by Norman Rockwell, which celebrated the basic values of civil society and democracy. These posters offered a romanticized view which was appropriate for the times when people comprehended democracy in [a] more idealistic fashion.

Today we live in the world of "promises for sale". In the dynamic market of services, sellers (banks, real estate companies, insurance companies, etc.) create an "ideal projection" of their products, and in the fine print they restrict themselves in form of [a] "disclaimer" against any negative events that may more or less likely occur. In that line of thinking, "freedom” and "democracy" could be viewed as an ideal projection made by [a] government burdened today with more and more fine print.

George Mill (aka Djordje Milekic) is a creative director who has gained recognition for his expertise and innovation in graphic design and art projects, exhibitions, and corporate events. He was born and raised in Serbia (former Yugoslavia)...has been based in Miami since 2004, and works on projects in New York, Miami, and Belgrade. Much of his work involves “packaging” art and public relations corporate events. He has also headed an art magazine and launched antiwar and awareness campaigns. His work has been exhibited and presented at The One Club, Art Directors Club in New York, AIGA National Design Centre, NEXT Conference, AIGA Leadership Retreat, Belgrade Design Week, Museum of Contemporary Art and National Museum, Belgrade, and more. His work also has been featured in several publications including Step, How, Print, ID, Graphis, Creativity, and Communication Arts.

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