Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Agey Tomesh Design Bureau

Agey Tomesh Design Bureau was founded in Moscow by Arseny Mescheryakov in 1990 and later evolved into an art group. In autumn 2000, Agey Tomesh opened Gallery 259 where showed its own projects, experimenting with digital and reproduction technologies while also developing a concept of collective and pseudonymous authorship. Continuing to work with digital and reproductive technologies, in 2002 Agey Tomesh began publishing WAM (World Art Museum) magazine, positioning it as an exhibition and museum space on paper. Eric Bulatov is one of the cult artists of Soviet underground of the 1960-70s. Trying to reflect social reality, Bulatov combined the methods of realism with a special significance of words and texts, which is characteristic of the conceptual school. He currently lives in Paris. Mikhail Nikitin is a graphic artist in Moscow who has been a member of Agey Tomesh.

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